Let's go Alanya
Let's go Alanya

Dolphin Show

Dolphin Show

Alanya Dolphin Show | Lets go Alanya

Alanya Dolphin Show

Travelling to Alanya gifts you an amazing experience of swimming with the nice Dolphins and watch the Dolphin show and sea lions show in Sealanya Dolphin Park which is the biggest dolphin parks in Europe. It is actually one the best activities in Alanya that you can go with your family and children, it is available for all ages.

It is recommended that make your dreams real by visiting this park and grasp such opportunity to see these fantastic mammals performance. Generally dolphins are the distinguished marine animals because of their high intelligence and communication skills. They are a kind of spiritual animals and it is said that they have the ability to transfer the positive sense and energy to human, they have also the features of protection, tranquility and revival, so they live with other live creatures like human in calmness.

Alanya Dolphin Show | Lets go Alanya

Dolphin Show – Tour Description

Where can you find such a chance to touch directly Dolphins, except Sealanya Park? Make yourself ready to touch them, feel them and swim with them in an unforgettable situation. The dolphins have a friendly relationship with each other and they usually greet by rubbing or slamming.

Theses naughty and playful dolphins are very curious, so they are able to perform a striking show to attract the people’s attention and easily communicate with the visitors. You certainly will love them and appreciate these fabulous creatures by watching their unbelievable act in the water and their play with hoops and balls. To forget all the sorrow and experience enjoyment, relaxation and a kind of water activity, visit this park, swim and watch their gorgeous performance.

Alanya Dolphin Show | Lets go Alanya

Visiting this park can be possible by buying two different tickets, if you are interested in swimming with Dolphins (which is highly recommended) you must pay an extra, but if you are into just watching their show it doesn’t need to pay more. It is possible to feel, touch and interact with bottle-nose dolphins, fur seals and South American sea Lions. In Alanya this park is a must-see place.

It is remarkable that swimming with dolphins is not just a funny play for child, but it is a kind of therapeutic activity specifically for adults. To do so, permit the dolphins hug and kiss you and your family and have a great pleasure through safe and exciting doings. If you want to swim with dolphins or sea lions alone without watching its show, it is also possible and available.

Alanya Dolphin Show | Lets go Alanya

Swimming with Dolphins

To begin swimming with dolphins you should get wet with dolphins and try to learn somethings about them, spend some time with them to get them know better. To increase your enjoyments and theirs, get kissed, touched and danced with them.

To swim with them you must know even the basic level of swimming. The kids over 6 years are allowed to take part. Do not wear any jewelry or accessories. People with any kind of diseases or injuries in any part of the body are not allowed to swim. It is a good idea to book your swimming session in advance.

Extra Information

  • The pick-up time for both groups (dolphin swimmers and visitors of the dolphins show) is the same and swimming with the dolphins happen after the Dolphins show
  • Pick up, drop off, dolphins and Sea lions show are included in this tour
  • Swim with dolphins, buy food and drinks, pay for personal expenses and take photos and videos are not included in the tour and you must pay for them
  • Dolphin Park is different from Aqua Park, it is a show pool for the beautiful water creatures, Dolphins and Sea lions, and swimming with them
  • Dolphin swimmers should not forget to bring their towels and clothes for changing their clothes after swimming
  • Do not forget to bring your camera, sunglasses and comfy shoes
  • In some cases, to add more fun to the program there will be a puppet show too