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Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Tour | Lets go Alanya

Cappadocia tour from Alanya

If you desire to visit an actual wonderland in this world, Cappadocia certainly is a fabulous place and also this name is the well-known name of Neysehir province and it is near the Anatolian region. From Alanya, you can reach to this place in less than 500 km.

In this area, because of the volcanic eruptions happened in Erciyes, Hasan and Gullu mountains were shaped a vast flatland from the volcanic tufas and together with the desruction of the Kizilirmak river and wind more than ten thousands of years there showed up the chimney rocks, the formation of rock which are miracles of nature.

During this tour, those who wish to visit a few urban communities that are underground, can see the amazing ones. These are the world-popular urban areas of Chavushin and Gorem, which are situated at a short separation from one another. It is realized that in the ancient time there were around 200 underground settlements in which individuals could live without ascending to the surface for a while.

Cappadocia Tour | Lets go Alanya

It is said that the primary Christians got away from the torture of the Roman Empire in the second century B.C. went to the Cappadocia over the Antakya and Kayseri and stayed there. The primary Christians finding the underground urban communities from Cappadocia have been covered up in these underground urban areas which doors were made in a way that it is not recognizable easily because it would help them to get away from the abuse of Roman officers or soldiers.

Thus, they had live in the underground urban communities for a long period without having the capacity to go out. They have built up these underground urban areas by making arrangements rooms, chimneys to circulate the air, wine production areas, churches, convents, water wells, toilets, and meeting rooms.

Also, in this tour, you will visit one of the Anatolia’s greatest Caravansarai that is close to Aksaray town and the Mevlana Museum in the Property of Dervishes Konya. You will get a trip from a bustling occasion resort to actual Turkey in our Cappadocia visit!

Cappadocia Tour | Lets go Alanya


The first Day, arrive to Cappadocia:

The first sight to visit, after picking up from hotel is the Taurus Mountains in the Alpine belt of Central Anatolia. Having breakfast then, followed by visiting the meylana Museum at Konya City and Mausoleum of Mevlana Whirling Dervishes. The Caravansarai of Sultanhani in Aksaray will be the next stop. Exploring the underground city of Saratli Kirkgöz will be followed by the lunch break, at the end of the day, in the evening, the tourists will arrive to Cappadocia and check into the hotel.  

The second day, visit the Cappadocia:

A full day visit in Cappadocia and go through this city and the Devrent Valley area. And also, this tour includes visiting the Pasabag Valley, Göreme outdoors historical center and town of Göreme, a delightful town settled among the nice chimneys. After that, it will be the lunch time and then travelling to Cavusin Village would be followed. At night, there is a dervish show and Turkish night show which are optional.

The third day, returning to the hotel:

Come back to the coast, you will stop at the town of Avanos, which is popular for its pottery. Seeing the Kizilirmak River, which is the longest one in Turkey. Appreciate a lunch break at Aksaray on the well-known Silk Road exchange road.

Cappadocia Tour | Lets go Alanya

Optional choices

  • Serving food (especially lunch) on the way three times in the restaurants
  • The nights show of Turkey, whirling dervishes performance, and the tours of balloon
  • All of the drinks

Extra tips and information

  • Our central district is Alanya. But, we can take our visitors from all hotels in Alanya, Side, Kumköy, Titreyengöl, Manavgat, Belek, Lara, Antalya, Kemer
  • Cappadocia 3 days visit is typically chosen by European visitors. Cappadocia 2 days visit by Russian and Polish visitors
  • Do not forget to take your own camera
  • It is advisable to bring an extra warm clothes because in Cappadocia it is somehow cooler than Alanya
  • You can pay in any cash to the tour leader on the bus