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Aspendos Tour | Lets go Alanya

Alanya Aspendos – Side – Manavgat Waterfall Tour


Aspendos, Side and Manavgat waterfall are the most significant ancient and archeological tourist attractions in the south of Turkey. There are the antique Aspendos amphitheater, the ancient city of Side and Manavgat Waterfall. In this tour, from the morning your visiting starts, see the greatest cultural and economic zone of Pamphilya which is the host of thousands tourists annually. They would like to come there to visit the best ancient amphitheater in Turkey which has the capacity of about 7000 audiences.

These days, its capacity increase to near 15000 people and different shows can be held there such as Aspendos International Opera and Ballet festivals. Moreover, there is a good chance to appreciate the Temple of Apollo in city of Side which is located near the sea in the antique port. Then, you will find a situation to see Manavgat Waterfalls which is the striking and fabulous natural place.

Aspendos Tour | Lets go Alanya

Details about Alanya Aspendos Tour

This tour is the fantastic time to be familiar with one of the most important and ancient location in southern Turkey. After picking up from the hotel you will drive to the most famous Greco – Roman amphitheater in Aspendos which is so popular in the world because it would be preserved incredibly well, in a way that it is still available and applicable to perform the shows or festivals.

After that it is the time to go towards the city of Side which is a Roman harbor, but now a days it changes to a modern town that the ancient sites decorated it. The history of this town refers to the 2nd century A.D. Actually, Side was gifted to Cleopatra to show his love. Additionally, in this town there are the ruin of Amphitheater, the temple of Apollo, Necropolis and Agora which is an old market place and you can have a chance to go shopping at its local shops.

Finally, the last program of this tour is to visit the Manvagat River and see the well-known Manvagat waterfall which is the best spots to take extraordinary photos. The beauty of this waterfall is unbelievable, the nice water move rapidly over the rocks, of course it is not so high but its pressure is powerful. Also, you will see the fantastic forest of pine and a river which is full of trout and turtle.  Near this waterfall, there is a nice tea garden which can be good relaxing place for having a great time and rest. The lunch will be served with open buffets in a restaurants which is somehow near the River.

In fact in this tour, during just one day , you will find a nice opportunity to visit both historical places and natural attractions, therefore, if you are among those who are interested in these locations and do not have enough time in your vacation, taking part in this tour can be a wise choice.

Aspendos Tour - Lets go Alanya

Extra information and Tips

  • Bring your own camera
  • In addition to Manvagat waterfall, there is Duden waterfall, if you wish to see the former, please mention it while reserving.
  • It is possible to pay your payment in cash to the tour guide.