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Turkish bath

Turkish bath

Turkish Bath in Alanya Turkish Hammam - Lets go Alanya

Turkish bath in Alanya (Hamam)


There is a fantastic way to start your journey in Alanya with a super energetic feeling, it is nothing, except experiencing Turkish bath which is called “Hamam.” What you need to expect is the oriental old tradition, because this type of bath dates back to the ancient times of Ottoman Empire and it was practiced similar to some Roman methods, particularly while massaging. On the basis of the tourists’ ideas about Hamam, it is one of the activities in Alanya that no one must miss it. It is a deeply relaxing and must-try experience.  It is a part of Turkish culture from the past time till now. In Alanya, there are a plethora of baths to visit and then choose, even your hotel surely will have Hamam, but you must go to the right place to get a real experience.

Turkish Bath in Alanya | Lets go Alanya

Details about Alanya Turkish bath

To have such a great experiment in your life, you can choose one suitable package among the various sorts of them. The most common one comprises warming up in Sauna or steam room and visiting the traditional Hamam which has an amazing heating marble block mostly is located in the middle of the bath.

By lying down on this block, your whole body will be rubbed with a coarse bath glove and will be massaged with foam. You undoubtedly, will feel extra smooth, relaxed and clean. After the bath you are taken to the relaxing room and after that the traditional oil massage will be applied. The period of this massage is variable and it depends on your package. There can be also a swimming pool, or mud pool, Jacuzzi, face mask, coffee scrub or special kind of massage including hot stone massage, Thai or Balinese massage. There is also specific type of fish massage in which the fish nibble your feet and toes to remove all the dead skin, just you must experience it to understand how well it makes your skin spotless and soft.

It is worthwhile to mention that all of these services will be done with high standards of hygiene.  After the bathing you will have an amazing sensation of tranquil, you will feel more dynamic than before.

In addition to the above mention items while bathing, this Hamam generates the marvelous benefits including scrubbing and bubble wash which help the body to breathe, clean the pores and make the circulation better, it also has effective impact on the heart and cardiovascular system. It is helpful to cure the coughs and sneezes, and rheumatism and cellulite.

Turkish Bath in Alanya | Lets go Alanya

Extra Information and Tips

  • It is highly recommended to pick your package, ask about the precise price and duration of massage beforehand.
  • There are a free pick – up/ drop – back service.
  • Soap and Towel are included, there is no need to take your own towel unless at the end, you want to have a shower, especially after the oil massage.
  • You will be served drinks such as water, sparkling water, or wine and a fruit platter.
  • Make sure you bring your swimming suit and slippers with you.