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Let's go Alanya

Alanya Horse Riding

Alanya Horse Riding

Alanya Horse Riding | Lets go Alanya

Alanya Horse Riding Tour


Are you interested in the beauty of the nature? Why don’t you take part to an unforgettable Alanya horse riding tour which allow you to experience an exciting and adventurous trip? While riding a nice and calm horse, you will find an occasion to enjoy the natural and green nature of the local region and attractive views of the villages.

In this trip you will figure out how to remain in the seat and control the horse. Do not worry about riding the horse, as every details is under the control of your trainer. Just take seat and adore the beautiful scenes, you can go to the town and become more familiar with the tradition of the neighborhood and even find a chance to taste their local food.

As horses always are known as the human’s friend, you can feel the pleasure of being its company while walking next to it or riding. The location where centrally keep all the horses is in Demirtas area which is not far from Alanya, just about 30 minutes.

Alanya Horse Riding | Lets go Alanya

Details about Horse Riding Trip

In the morning the guests will be picked up from their hotels and drive them to the horse riding center where they can go for a walk. Before starting, the instructor will train you and explain about the rules of controlling, directing and prohibiting during the time that riding a horse. If you are inexperienced, do not worry. Because our coaches are at your service to train you and express in detail all the important factors and even during the trip they will be next to you and control and monitor your action for your safety.

The next point to visit and the next work to do is horseback riding in the heart of the nature. You would be familiar with the customs of the locals and villages. During this part of the tour the tourists will pass through the green pretty nature of the Taurus Mountains which prepare you the situation to look at the fascinating and mesmerizing scenes of the prairies and the blue sea. Moreover, during the tour our professional guide will lead you every time. After finishing your riding, there will be a time to relax and have some tea.

After this great experience, we will have a long lunch break. The delicious food and swimming in the Mediterranean will feel amazing after a long ride in nature.

Alanya Horse Riding | Lets go Alanya

Additional Information

  • The price of this tour comprises transferring, professional guide, near 3 hours horseback riding
  • Taking a photo is optional.
  • Joining this tour is possible for everyone whether amateur or professional.
  • Riding for pregnant ladies is forbidden.
  • Equipment: suitable clothing for riding (preferably comfortable and sportive shoes), swimsuit + towel for Susa Beach Park.
    The horses have set the riders’ maximum weight at 95 kg.
  • We also organize private tours for groups of 6-8 people.