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Let's go Alanya

Alanya fishing tour

Alanya fishing tour

Alanya Fishing Tour | Lets go Alanya

Alanya Fishing Tour


If you are keen on nature and desire to spend a day full of relaxation and calmness, participating in Alanya Fishing Tour can be a good suggestion. In the tour, not only you can spend a time in seashore, but also can stay on the deck of the boat and do fishing while seeing the beauty of turquoise water of Mediterranean Sea with especial tranquility.

It is not necessary to be professional fisherman. In addition to fishing which can be done in different methods, you will find time to swim and sun bath. Throughout the day you will have some fun and entertainment and it is possible to see the fantastic views of the shore while you are on the sea. We will provide the safe situation in this tour for the tourists to let them remarkably enjoy the adventure of the nature.

Alanya Fishing Tour - Lets go Alanya

Details about Alanya Fishing Tour

Make yourself ready to experience one of the greatest catches in your life. In Alanya Fishing Tour you find a good opportunity to see underwater animals better and enjoy the quiet atmosphere there. This tour can be done in various regions in Turkey such as Mahmutlar or Lake Karajaaoren. Besides fishing you can have a nice rest on the beach which is taken bout 2 hours or more.

If you are amateur in fishing, there is normally a professional captain who will train you the essentials details of fishing, how moving the rods, where you can find more fish, and how totally use the fishing equipment in correct way. The fishing tour is suitable for young and adults tourists. It is possible to fish both in the coast and/or from the board of a yacht where the skilled fisherman captain will consider your fishing and also, different modern methods of fishing can be used like spinning, trolling and different lures…

During this tour you can have the tranquil feeling and excitement. While you enjoy the stunning landscape in convenient and green natural harbor, you have the sense of calmness, on the other hand, by catching a large Mediterranean fish, the adrenaline will increase in your body with a great enjoyment.

After picking you up from the hotel, we will leave the harbor. The professional captain will offer you Alanya boat tour in a short time which is visiting Red Tower, the old sea caves, Cleopatra beach and etc. Then you will be taken to an especial area that having many fish. All of the required equipment will be prepared. You certainly enjoy your fishing, swimming and sun bath, all of them next to watching incredible beautiful coast of Turkey from the sea and if it is a lucky day for you, maybe you can see the dolphins too and at the end, you can eat the fish that you catch.

Alanya Fishing Tour - Lets go Alanya

Extra information and Tips

  • Do not forget to bring your swimming suit and towels.
  • There is WC in the boat.
  • It is possible to pay the payment of the tour to the guide in the bus.